Who we are

EAGLE Safety Glasses is an Italian brand based in Macerata, which manufactures and markets a wide range of certified glasses for work, PPE, sportswear and casual wear.

Our product range complies with the strictest safety regulations so that your eyes are well protected regardless of the activity you carry out.

Our tagline ‘we protect your eyes’ makes it very clear, we want your eyes to be safe at all times. You worry about your activity, with EAGLEyour eyes will be in good hands or rather, in good glasses.

Safety is the most important thing yes, but let’s not fool ourselves, surely you want to wear cool and modern glasses on that pretty face. For this reason, we have a wide range of glasses with different styles so you can choose the ones you like and best fit your ‘look’.


Our team, with extensive experience in different fields, is formed by a group of highly qualified professionals.

An extremely synergistic team, capable of developing business opportunities in all sectors of our market: industry, construction, work safety, running, cycling, motorcycling, hunting, fishing, casual wear, etc.

Our mission is to use our technical and commercial knowledge to offer a range of useful glasses for different fields and for multiple uses (work, sport, leisure) in line with market trends that increasingly bring the world of work closer to the world of fashion.

Over the years we have become a leading brand through a range of products that allows, on the one hand, the retailer to meet their own market demands and on the other to the end user, to identify and dispose of the specific glasses for each use.